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Cipher is a thrilling Web3 puzzle game that tests your problem-solving skills. This Web3 on-chain game requires OKI tokens for entry.

Guide the ball through levels by strategically adjusting rotations. With a perfect balance of simplicity and challenge, it promises an enjoyable experience for all players.

Crack the 31 puzzles and conquer the Cipher!

Make calculated moves!



Embark on the adventure of X exclusively on arcade mode. This Web3 on-chain game requires OKI tokens for entry.

Get ready to dive into the hyper-casual gaming world with our latest creation! With sleek and minimalist visuals paired with super addictive gameplay, this game is all about quick thinking and lightning-fast reflexes.

Challenge yourself to beat the highest score and claim the ultimate prize of 50,000 OKI tokens. Think you have what it takes?

Let the games begin!

Sweet World

It's a classic game with simple rules: you can only destroy groups of 3 or more items. Destruction can occur horizontally, vertically, or even at an angle.

For each element destroyed, an extra second is given if you eliminate more than 3 elements. As you progress, the time limit becomes more challenging. At level 4, you'll have only 15 seconds, and at level 5, it further reduces to 10 seconds.

Stay sharp and aim for efficient destruction to beat the clock!

Beat the Record!


Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy is a vertically scrolling top-down perspective retro shooter game in the shoot 'em up (shmup) genre. It has been released as a teaser for the upcoming Connected board game, "Space Cowboy".

Your mission is to defend the Earth against enemy attacks. Throughout each level, you'll encounter seven different weapons (bullet patterns) randomly dropped when enemies are destroyed.

Can you survive the relentless onslaught of enemy attacks and defeat the final boss to emerge victorious in this thrilling game?

Shoot 'em up!!


Master QUARK and achieve the highest score as the velocity steadily increases. This captivating game ensures an enjoyable passage of time.

The controls are straightforward: manipulate your mouse to guide the ball and rebound off the platforms. Showcase your adeptness in mouse manipulation or finger navigation on mobile screens.

During the tournament, the total score is divided by 100. The ranking is based on the best score. 50 USDT is available for the champion.

Have fun! and good luck!

Ready! Go!



A fun, ultra-casual game with minimalist visuals and an amazing sound design by Jimmy C. A procedural challenges where you have to land between the planets in order to get more points.

During the tournament, the total score is divided by 100. The ranking is based on the best score. 50 USDT is available for the champion.

Have fun! and good luck!


Wings of Fire

Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with contemporary gameplay, Wings of Fire is a gorgeous shoot'em up.

Your mission as a commander of the resistance is to save humanity from extinction by destroying the prophetic invasion of Gog & Magog across the solar system.

Total rewards are divided by 100000.

Mission Start!



Inspired by the impossible game, Shpoomfs is a platform engine game, with excellent graphics, sounds and animations.

Jump your way through danger in this funny based action platformer game, pick stars, evade objects and beat all scores.

Have fun! and good luck!

Party time!!

A dynamic top-down shooter military game.

With an endless gameplay in one arena. The mission of Bullet is to go through the maximum number of enemy attacks.

The game has a bonus, such as an energy shield, repair drone, mines, 4 level for the gun.

Total rewards are divided by 1000.

Let's get this crypto!


Al Tarik: The piercing star

Your mission, travel the interstellar to unravel the mystery of the piercing star Al Tarik.

Based on 3d renders, Al Tarik is a fantastic, dynamic space game. Stop enemies from crossing the red line to avoid losing your score points.

Have fun! and good luck!


Super Manou

Super Manou is a beautiful retro platform Game. A travel to the past to your childhood.

Manou is a little girl trying to proof herself in a world full of monsters.

Be nice to her and help her to accomplish a 6 levels mission through the map!!

Retro time?



Boxy is an endless runner game! Swipe up or Tap to Jump,Swipe down to roll, swipe right in the air to air dash.

Based on 3d renders, Boxy is a cute little box trying to beat his record. The score is divided by 100. Only the Best scores are ranked.

Have fun! and good luck!

Run Boxy run!!

Jewel Classic

The objective of Jewel Classic is to swap one jewel with another jewel on a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more jewel of the same color and reach the highest score!.

As a reward, the amount of OKI Tokens won equal the final score divided by 1000.

Have fun and good luck!!

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Ninja Sushi

Ninja Sushi is a gravity based puzzle game. Use logic and gravity and try to collect Sushi to pass the level.

Complete all levels and get 100 OKI Tokens! to participate, you simply need to open an HDOKI Console account.

Have fun! and good luck!

Let's get this sushi!!


Quest is a Puzzle game with several original solutions. You need to solve the riddles of ancient civilizations: Egypt, Greece and Persia.

As a reward, you get 0.1 OKI per level.

Have fun and good luck!!

Good luck!!


Roro's crypto dungeon

Roro's crypto dungeon is a retro game starring the fictional GO HELLO GO! character Roro. Help Roro win the crypto dungeon adventure, reach the treasure and win 50 OKI tokens!

Roro's dungeon challenges change with every level, so it's up to you to figure out how to control Roro and help him get to the next level!

We are giving away 500,000 OKI tokens for the first 10 000 gamers that complete the game. the 50 OKI tokens can only be won once by the same gamer. Good luck!!

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